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Convergent Systems

Resolving fold-thrust belt related shortening of the Ross Sandstone in the Namurian Basin, Western Ireland

Exposures of strata deposited within the Namurian Basin in County Clare, western Ireland, offer a truly outstanding opportunity to examine the formation, fill and closure of a Carboniferous sedimentary basin at a range of scales. These excellent exposures, together with the range of deep sea-terrestrial environments preserved within its stratigraphy, have helped the region become an extremely popular area for geological teaching and research – particularly in fields related to the hydrocarbons industry. Despite this interest, there is still much to be resolved regarding the sedimentology, paleoecology, and evolution of this basin. In particular, it is unclear how much horizontal shortening was accommodated within the basin in association with the Variscan orogeny.

In collaboration with

Chenliang Wu, Yonsei University

Jeffrey A. Nittrouer, Rice University

Andrew Phillips, Illinois State Geological Survey

Alexander Bryk, University of Illinois